About us

MIGRATION LAW CENTER – is the information center on migration, which is holding out services in the field of the migration law and which was founded by the enterprise of the Republic of Lithuania intended for legal services, named as JURIST CONSULT GROUP. MIGRATION LAW CENTER unites into the group the specialists in the field of the migration law, who provide specialized legal services for the citizens and enterprises both of the Lithuania and also of the foreign countries.

The main task of the MIGRATION LAW CENTER is to provide information and the juridical assistance, also the services in the field of legislation, for people that mean to visit the Lithuania, for legal migrants living in Lithuania, for the residents of Lithuania, who mean to leave Lithuania and also for these residents of Lithuania, who mean to go for the travel to other countries, for Lithuanians living abroad, who mean coming back to the Lithuania and for Lithuanian enterprises having the purpose to engage the foreigners.

               JURIST CONSULT GROUP (JCG)  


JURIST CONSULT GROUP, UAB is a company which performs legal activities providing a wide range of legal services for both the natural and legal persons and unifying a group of skilled legal practitioners having an extensive legal experience who are bound by common legitimate interests and objectives.

JURIST CONSULT GROUP provides professional, high quality and satisfying contemporary customer needs legal services in all major areas of the law. From the very beginning of its business, JURIST CONSULT GROUP pursues to be characterized by the quality service provided and special attention to each client.

JURIST CONSULT GROUP is known for its excellent professionals of specific and relevant areas of law such as transportation law, companies law, migration law, labor law, family law, insurance law, etc. who know the specifics of their job well.

The fields of activity are the following: the Business, Companies, Tax, Banking, Finance and Securities law as well as the Real estate transactions. The Labor law. The preparation of contracts, legal analysis. The transportation law. The Migration law. The Family law. The representation.