Establishment of a fact of change of the first name or the surname in a judicial procedure

A frequent problem arising on submission of an application for reinstatement or acquisition of citizenship of Lithuania is discrepancy between names n/or surnames in documents of the applicant and his father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, great-grandfather or great-grandmother. Sometimes, examination of the case may be suspended because of several different letters in a first name or a surname.

In such case, the family connections remain unproven and documents on changes of the name and/or surname are required from the person. If the person has not such documents, he (she) applies to state institutions for search and issue of them. If the documents are not found by the said institutions, the person shall apply to a court.

We provide legal assistance and consulting related to changes of the name and/or surname of a person. In addition, we prepare documents to be submitted to a court or other state institutions and represent the interests of a person.


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