Renouncing the citizenship of Lithuania

Renouncing the citizenship of Lithuania is one of the ways of losing the citizenship of Lithuania.

Any citizen of Lithuania has a right to renounce the citizenship of Lithuania and this right should not be restricted, except of certain cases provided in laws.

The cases when renouncing the citizenship of Lithuania is impossible:
1. The person becomes stateless after renouncing the citizenship of Lithuania;
2. The person is suspected or accused of a commitment of a criminal act or the relevant judgment came into force and should be enforced.
For renouncing the citizenship of Lithuania, a person shall submit the following documents to competent state institutions:
1. The application for renouncing the citizenship of Lithuania completed in Lithuanian;
2. A Lithuanian passport;
3. A passport of a foreign state (if any);
4. A document certifying that the person is a citizen of a foreign state or will be granted a citizenship of the foreign state after renouncing the citizenship of Lithuania.

If the documents are executed in a language other than Lithuanian, they shall be translated into Lithuanian. Copies of the documents shall be notarized. Documents issued by institutions of foreign states shall be certified by Apostille or legalized, unless otherwise is provided by international treaties of Lithuania or legal norms of the European Union.

The documents shall be submitted to the Migration Department in Lithuania or to a diplomatic mission or a consular institution in a foreign state; alternatively, the documents may be sent by mail or via a courier.

The Migration Department shall examine the submitted documents on renouncing the citizenship of Lithuania by a person and transfer them to the Minister of Interior no later than within 3 months from the date of their submission.


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