Immigration to Europe

Third-country nationals, who enter one of the European countries, must be in possession of visas and stay for longer than 90 days per half a year. If third-country nationals intend to stay in Europe longer, they must have a ground and obtain a residence permit in one of the European countries.

Lithuania - one of the European countries, became a member of the European Union in 2004.

A residence permit in Lithuania – a document granting an alien the right for residence in the Republic of Lithuania for a period specified therein.

Usually, for the first time, a temporary residence permit in Lithuania is issued. It is issued for 1 year and shall be extended every year. After 5 years, an individual is entitled to obtain a permanent residence permit in Lithuania which is issued for 5 years. After 10 years of permanent legal residence in Lithuania, the individual acquires the right to become a citizen Lithuania, the European citizen.

Most common grounds for obtaining a residence permit in Lithuania (Europe) are as follows:

  1.  Business (engagement in lawful activities) in the territory of Europe - Lithuania;
  2.  Studies;
  3.  Work;
  4.  Family reunification;
  5. Lithuanian origin.

Price of a residence permit in Lithuania (Europe) depends on the grounds for application for a residence permit in Lithuania (Europe). It ranges from 600 to 1,100 Euro.

Time limits for a preparation of documents for a residence permit in Lithuania (Europe): up to 5 working days.

Time limits for a decision making: 2-4 months.

Place for the submissionof documents: a diplomatic mission or a consular post of Lithuania abroad or a migration service in Lithuania.


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