Work Program in Lithuania

Work in Lithuanian company gives a foreigner grounds for getting a temporary residence permit in Lithuania.

In order to work in Lithuania you must find a company that would hire you. A foreigner who is interested in working in Lithuania must have specific qualifications corresponding with the field of work he is interested in, certificates proving this qualification and documents certifying no less than 2 years of experience in the desired field. There must be a lack of foreign specialists in Lithuania.

If a foreigner holds all these documents and want to work and live in Lithuania he must gain a work permit and a temporary residence permit. These are two separate but related processes.

The Application and Documents Shall be Submitted to

When submitting an application for a temporary residence permit that allows to reside in Lithuania as well as additional documents for the first time, a person needs to provide them to:

diplomatic or consular representatives abroad if the person is abroad;

Lithuanian Migration Department that services the territory in which the person is planning to reside if the person had legal grounds to remain in Lithuania.


Documents for Submission

A person needs to provide the following documents along with his application requesting a temporary residence permit:

1. passport;

2. visa;

3. photograph (40 x 60 mm);


4. documents supporting the issuance of a temporary residence permit or exchange basis: mediation letter, work permit;
5. documents certifying that a person has enough funds or has a regular income;


6. document regarding place of residence in Lithuania;

7. documents certifying health insurance coverage.


Application processing time - 2 - 4 months.


For those interested in living and working in Lithuania we offer the immigration services WORK Program.


WORK program – work-based immigration program for foreigners.

WORK program includes: legal counselling, support throughout the program, getting a residence permit in Lithuania, preparation of necessary documents, preparation of queries to the Lithuanian archives and other competent authorities, translation and notary approval of documents, representation in Lithuanian institutions, escort during the submission of documents in the Migration Department, escort during the declaration of residence and in other public and private institutions, as well as other legal services.


The cost of the program:

Work permit – 400 Euro.

Residence permit* - 600 - 1100 Euro per person.

* the cost of services include consultations, preparation of the document package for the temporary residence permit, escort to the Migration Department.


The minimum cost of living per month:

Room for rent - from 70 Euro per month.

1 bedroom apartment for rent - from 120 Euro per month.


If you have any questions regarding the Lithuanian residence permit or should you require more information or  help, please contact us by e-mail or tel. + 370 6 1861886. We will gladly help you.