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Licences in Lithuania

Licences in Lithuania

Like in other countries, a licence is needed in Lithuania to carry out certain activities. Licence is a permission issued by a competent state authority to carry out a respective activity indicated in the licence. The documents required to receive a respective licence, places to go and procedures, and terms and conditions of the licence depend on type of the licence you want to obtain. Licences in Lithuania are issued by different institutions. For example, a building permit is issued by the State Territorial Planning and Construction Inspectorate under the Ministry of Environment, licences for passenger and freight transportation are issued by the State Road Transport Inspectorate under the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the licence for operation of credit institutions is issued by the Bank of Lithuania, licences to carry out activities of brokers, broker companies, management companies, investment companies, and pension funds are issued by the Securities Commission, and other.

Main businesses in Lithuania that require a licence:

  1. Restaurant business;
  2. Logistics, freight transportation;
  3. Passenger transportation;
  4. Construction works;
  5. Alcohol production, wholesale of alcohol drinks, alcohol products, tobacco products, wholesale of tobacco products, tobacco cultivation, purchase of undenatured ethyl alcohol, purchase and use of undenatured ethyl alcohol;
  6. Pharmacy business;
  7. Import and export of agricultural products;
  8. Insurance business;
  9. Trade of antiques;
  10. Business of credit institutions;
  11. Business of brokers, broker companies, management companies, investment companies, pension funds;
  12. Import of textile (from Belarus, China);
  13. Activity of physical culture and sports specialist;
  14. Activity of broadcasting and rebroadcasting.


You should look up, if your planned business is not included in the list of licensed businesses in Lithuania before you start a business. If you do not know, whether your planned activity is licensed, or if you need help to obtain a licence for your planned activity in Lithuania, come to us and we will help you, we will provide legal aid and consultations regarding the issue of the licence to be obtained, we will prepare the necessary documents to obtain a licence, and represent your interests in competent institutions.