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Immigration of work

Immigration of work

If a citizen of a foreign state wishes to be employed in Lithuania and reside there on this base, he (she) should find a Lithuanian enterprise for employment. An alien wishing to get a job in Lithuania should have a qualification required for the desired position, the evidences of such qualification as well as (in certain cases) evidences of having at least 1-year experience in the relevant sector of activities within the 3 last years.

The list of documents required for providing a right to work and reside in Lithuania to a person depends on the character of the planned job, the qualification of the alien, the agreed salary and other circumstances.

If an alien plans to be employed as a highly qualified specialist in Lithuania, the principal documents to be submitted by him should include:

1. The evidences of the qualification of the person (such as diplomas, training completion certificates and so on); 
2. The evidences of experience of the alien in the relevant sector of activities (such as a copy of the Employment Record, a Certificate issued by the Employer).

In such a case, the alien shall be issued a Work Permit. Prior to submission of the required documents to the Labour Exchange, the Lithuanian enterprise that plans to engage the alien should publish an announcement on a vacancy accessible for other pretenders as well (the announcement should be valid for at least 5 working days before the date of submission of the documents to the Labour Exchange). If another likely candidate is not found, the alien may submit the documents for issue a Work Permit. When the Work Permit is obtained, the alien may apply for issue a national visa D that provides a right to work and reside in Lithuania for a period up to 1 year to an alien. After expiry of the 1-year period, a Residence Permit may be issued to the person. The term for making a decision on issue a national visa D: up to 15 days. The term for making a decision on issue a Residence Permit: up to 2-4 months.

If a foreigner is a specialist with a high professional qualification, he (she) should apply for a residence permit in Lithuania (issuance of a Blue Card).

Equivalence of a professional experience with a higher education qualification Equivalence of a professional experience with a higher education qualification

On 22 March 2017, the Resolution No. 211 of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania “On the Approval of the Description of the Procedure for the Recognition of Professional Experience in Higher Education Qualifications and the Procedure for Issuing the Certificate of Approval thereof”, was adopted, wherein the provisions are entrenched enabling quick employment of highly qualified aliens who have at least 5 years of professional experience but do not have a higher education diploma. This description sets out the procedure for issuing a document certifying the recognition of professional experience in higher education qualifications.

Upon receipt of this document, qualified professionals from countries other than the European Union who are required by the Republic of Lithuania shall have the opportunity to get employed more easily in jobs requiring high professional qualifications.