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The immigration programme BLUE CARD

The immigration programme BLUE CARD

The immigration programme BLUE CARD relates to immigration of a highly qualified specialist to Lithuania on the base of employment in Lithuania with an opportunity of residing and working at another European Union Member State.

The conditions of the immigration programme BLUE CARD include:

1. An existence of a Lithuanian enterprise that intends to employ the alien;
2. The alien should be a highly qualified specialist and have the relevant evidence (diploma of higher education);
3. The Lithuanian enterprise should agree to pay a salary no less than three average gross salaries in Lithuania to the alien.

The immigration programme BLUE CARD includes: legal consulting, support in obtaining a Residence Permit from the beginning to the end of the process, preparation of the required documents, preparation of inquiries, arrangement of translation and notarization of documents, presentation of the alien at institutions of Lithuania, accompanying of the alien on submission of the documents to the Migration Service as well as at other state institutions and private structures, other legal services.

The prices:

BLUE CARD* - 900 - 1350 EUR.

* the price of the service includes consulting, preparation of documents and presentation of the client’s interests.


The terms:

Making a decision by the Migration Department on issue a Residence Permit – up to 1 month.