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Tourism centers in towns

Tourism centers in towns

In a majority of large towns of Lithuania, Tourism information centers operate. They provide detailed information about the tourism services available in the relevant town to residents and visitors. The principal purpose of Tourism information centers in Lithuania is spreading information on the specific town and (or) district.

Tourism information centers of the relevant towns provide information on the tourism infrastructure of the town, the places of interest of the town and (or) the total region, concerts, exhibitions, museums, fiestas and other events and entertainments free of charge. In addition, Tourism information centers arrange excursions in the town and the region and provide services of ciceroni in various languages, if agreed. At Tourism information centers, both residents and visitors may be provided with tourist routes, maps and any information needed for travelling persons. In addition, some Tourism information centers provide supplemental services to tourists in the town or the district, such as bicycle rental services, internet café services, mediation services in car rental; they sell various souvenirs and things with symbolism of the town, postcards, booklets, brochures about the relevant town of Lithuania. In some towns of Lithuania, Tourism information centers, in cooperation with tourism agencies, provide nourishment and accommodation services both to individual clients and tourist groups.

On establishment of a Tourism information center, the area of the relevant town and the annual flows of tourists in it are taken into account. Therefore, one or several centers may operate in a town and they are usually situated in places of the maximum concentration of flows of tourists.