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Learn Lithuanian

Learn Lithuanian

Vilnius is a multilingual European city that unites people of various nationalities. One of the major problems arising for persons having come to Lithuania for residence is a lack of Lithuanian skills. The language skills are particularly important, if the person plans staying in the country for a long period.

According to its intensity, Lithuanian language teaching courses are divided to ones of usual intensity, intensive courses and individual teaching. Teaching is arranged in groups or individually.

The courses in the basics of Lithuania (the level A1) are courses for beginners. The purpose of them is teaching to communicate in everyday situations (how to put a question, to answer a question, to tell something and so on); to listen and understand phrases, information, data, stories usable in communication; to read texts; to right a short text; to fill forms where personal data should be specified and so on. In the above-described ways, the person is familiarized with information that will be important for the person in future and reinforce the knowledge while executing the provided tasks.

Remote Lithuanian language teaching courses are at present one of the most popular ways for learning Lithuanian. Usually they are arranged through “Skype” programme. Such courses are convenient for persons that reside abroad. The teachers form an individual programme and method for each person. The duration of the course is agreed with the person. During lessons of visual conference type, the listeners are taught speaking, grammar and text understanding. In addition, tasks are performed; communication on topical topics is arranged thus trying to improve the person’s basics of communication skills. Such a Lithuanian language teaching course differs from the usual ones only in the following: a person may learn the language in any place and the course is adapted to the individual needs of the person.

The European Integration Fund arranges projects related not only to teaching Lithuanian, but also to introduction of persons to history, culture, national values and traditions of the country. Such projects are helpful in tackling the language problem and extend the knowledge about the country. The projects are particularly useful for citizens of third countries. In addition, the services are provided free of charge.

The pronunciation courses are provided for those who wish to improve their language skills, in particular the pronunciation. For a majority of newcomers, an elimination of the native language accent is a very serious problem. Such courses are helpful in learning to speak clearly, without an accent (or with minimized accent).

Some Lithuanian language teaching courses prepare the listeners for an examination in Lithuanian language. After completion of the course, this fact is confirmed by an issued certificate.

Some Lithuanian universities arrange courses for aliens and for speakers of other languages residing in the country.

Lithuanian language teaching courses are organized both for adults and the children of foreigners. Children are taught the basics of Lithuanian language; however, upon striving to attract attention of the children, it is tried to make the teaching more interesting. So, games, fairy-tales, songs, animated films and so on are used. Books and exercise books are used as well. In addition to tasks, the children may solidify their language skills in communication with coevals.