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Search for a business office

When setting up a business in Lithuania, it is not always enough to have a residence address that the correspondence is received to. Often office premises are necessary, as well as production, storage, and other business premises where the company can carry out its activity.

In Lithuania there are no strict requirements for company residence or business office. The office may be in both administrative and non-administrative premises, i.e. even in a flat. Obviously, the premises must be suitable to carry out the company activity, be in a good condition and have an address to which the company may receive correspondence.

Depending on the type of business, there may be specific requirements for the premises in which the respective activity is carried out. For instance, the premises of food making, processing and storage, premises for eating, living, health care, and other premises are subject to special hygiene, fire safety, area, and other requirements. 

Requirements of fire safety apply to all premises, whether it is an office or other premises of business. 

Having a real office is not only convenient, but is also a good indicator of seriousness of your company. It is especially important for foreigners who wish to obtain a permission to live in Lithuania. 

Depending on the customer's needs, we help to find the office premises and other business premises (restaurant, warehouse, hotel, etc.) in Lithuania. We prepare leases for uninhabited premises and carry out an investigation on these and other documents. We consult on special requirements applicable to business premises.