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Search for personnel, selection and recruitment procedures

Search for personnel, selection and recruitment procedures

Good staff and suitable employees is one of the conditions of a successful company. 

Upon starting and developing business in Lithuania, the companies often face the need for employees, personnel selection and hiring, many questions arise. 

Search and selection of employees has become especially important for foreign businessmen of Lithuania, who plan to apply for a permission to live in Lithuania. According to the current legislation, if a foreigner, company shareholder or a member wants to apply for a permission to live in Lithuania, his/her company, apart from other requirements, such as being in business for no less than 6 months before submitting the documents for a permission to live in Lithuania, having a capital, and requirements of investment size (capital of the company that belongs to him/her is no less than 28,000 EUR, out of which no less than 14,000 EUR is the foreigner's investment,), must fulfil the requirement of creating work positions in the company, i.e. there should be no fewer than 3 citizens of Lithuania or permanent foreign residents of Lithuania hired full time. The employees should be paid no less than a minimum wage, which now in Lithuania is 300 EUR a month. Monthly taxes off the minimum employee's wage are approximately 150 EUR.

After selecting the best suitable candidate, a work contract is concluded with him/her, other necessary recruitment documents are signed, all necessary documents and certificates are received. The information about person's recruitment is transferred to Sodra no later than one day before the person's first day at work (The State Social Insurance Fund Board). According to the Lithuanian legislation, the person's working hours should not be longer than 40 hours a week. One day should not have more than 8 hours of work. The work time, including overtime, should not exceed 48 hours a week.

Considering the needs of our customers, we help to find and select suitable employees according to the criteria provided by the customer. We prepare all necessary recruitment documents, inform the competent state authority Sodra about hiring the person in terms, consult regarding labour law, and provide other related services.