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Social guaranties

Social guaranties

Third-country nationals lawfully residing and working in Lithuania shall be provided all social protection guarantees that are foreseen for citizens of Lithuania. The national social insurance system of Lithuania is based on the principle of solidarity. Employed persons monthly pay the taxes dependently on their income. When a person falls ill or retires to a pension etc., he (she) receives social benefits.

If a person is employed according to the Employment Contract, he (she) will pay the taxes. If a person pays the taxes, he (she) is entitled to obtain a sickness benefit or a maternity (paternity) allowance.

A sickness benefit. This allowance is paid in cases of temporary incapacity to work (a disease), a child care as well as in cases of diseases of family members, if they require nursing. The allowance may be granted, if the person was insured for at least 3 months during the recent 12 months. The allowance is granted, if the person is employed, including the trial period and the day of discharge. The allowance shall not be paid, if the person became incapable to work after the date of discharge. The amount of a sickness allowance shall be calculated on the base of the amount of the insured income within 3 recent calendar months prior to the calendar month before the month when the temporary disability was established. It is notable that a sickness benefit shall be paid for workdays.

A maternity allowance. This social benefit is payable to women for the period of pregnancy and child delivery.

A maternity (paternity) allowance. This allowance is granted to a parent until the baby becomes one year or two years old. The duration of the period is chosen by the insured person. After the birth of the child, the allowance shall be granted to one of the parents. It may be a woman or a man, if he (she) paid social insurance contributions. If 1-year child care period is chosen, the allowance payable cannot exceed 100% of the minimum earning usable as a base for calculation. If 2-year child care period is chosen, the allowance payable for the first year shall not exceed 70 %, of  the minimum earning usable as a base for calculation  and the allowance for the second year shall not exceed 40% of it.

A disability pension. It shall be granted and paid, if a person is already a permanent resident of Lithuania. So, it shall not be paid to aliens having obtained a Temporary Residence Permit on the base of their employment.