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The lifestyle

The lifestyle

The lifestyle of Lithuanians may be disclosed through their hobbies, everyday habits, customs, traditions, culture, feast, religion and so on.

Culture. In Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, abundant art galleries are worthy to be visited. They include the National Art Gallery, the Modern Art Center with its Fluxus art collection and so on. Lithuanian cinema and theatre actors as well as musicians are recognized on the international scale.

Festive events. Some traditional Lithuanian folk festivals (such as the Saint John’s Day or the Shrove Tuesday) arose from pagan times. Annually, Lithuanians celebrate Christmas, New Year, Easter, the Saint John’s Day, The Assumption Day and other festive events.

Religion Total 9 religions were recognized traditional in Lithuania. The largest community of believers in Lithuania is formed by Roman Catholics. Over 70% of the population of Lithuania affiliate themselves to the community of Roman Catholics.