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Transport in Lithuania

Transport in Lithuania

Transport system of Lithuania is well-developed and it satisfies the needs of permanent residents and persons coming there for a short time; they can use both private vehicles and public transport.

First of all, it should be mentioned that urban transportation networks (buses and trolleybuses) exist in large towns of Lithuania only. In the largest cities of Lithuania (Vilnius and Kaunas), the population and visitors may use services of buses and trolleybuses according to the fixed routes and schedules. The prices of tickets depend on the duration of the service and the applicable discount. In other towns of Lithuania where urban transportation system exists, it includes only buses. Both permanent residents and visitors of towns may buy a single ticket for a bus and (or) a trolleybus or acquire a long-term transport card that may be replenished with tickets of the chosen type and price.

In Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, the innovative well-developed system of bicycle rental centers exists for many years. As in other EU Members States, its services are particularly popular among the local residents and visitors of the city. Total 37 bicycle rental centers operate there round-the-clock 7 days per week and each of them offers at least 9 bicycles. Rental centers are situated close to each other, so the users may remain the bicycles at any center after using. For using the said service, a person should acquire a bicycle rental card or a ticket.

If you prefer travelling by a car, you may use services of taxi agencies or car rental centers.

Interurban communication in Lithuania is arranged by buses and trains. From bus terminals of large Lithuanian towns, it is possible to go directly to any other town of Lithuania. The railway services are some more limited, because the railway infrastructure is not developed to the extent that would ensure an accessibility of any Lithuanian town by train.