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Investments and trade

Investments and trade

In the recent years, the favorable opportunities for investments and trade in Lithuania attract more and more foreign enterprises and businessmen: they choose Lithuania as a stable country that offers a comparatively simple and safe investment policy. Attraction of investments to Lithuania is one the key strategic objects of the state, so, upon striving to the maximum efficiency of its accomplishment, Lithuania permanently takes every measure for improving its image and attractiveness among investors both in the country and in relations with foreign states and physical persons residing in foreign states. Upon striving for increasing the number of investments and their amounts to the maximum possible extent, Lithuania even developed a system of support to foreign investors that wish to establish and develop their activities in Lithuania. The business sector of Lithuania has been reformed and at present it conforms to all the requirements and standards set by the European Union, so Lithuania is attractive for investors because of safety, transparency and conformity to the standards. Upon striving to avoid isolation of business in Lithuania and make it global, Lithuania concluded agreements for avoidance a double taxation with 53 states of the world, including Great Britain, USA, Canada, China, Switzerland etc. So, business in Lithuania becomes global and easier accessible for investors from foreign states.

According to the relevant legal norms of Republic of Lithuania, investing in business in Lithuania is a lawful base for immigration of an alien to Lithuania. Lithuania provides an opportunity to come to Lithuania and reside here on the base of a lawful activity, i.e. investing in business, to foreigners, thus striving to attract capital, effective working procedures and new ideas. Foreigners in Lithuania may contribute to management of an existing legal entity (to become a shareholder of the enterprise) or establish a new legal entity. The conditions for establishing a new enterprise and starting a business in Lithuania are not complicated: for starting a business, only several days are enough; upon using an electronic signature, the procedure an incorporation of an enterprise in Lithuania becomes particularly simple and enables to save time and money.

With regard to the investing opportunities in Lithuania, it is notable that seven free economic zones operate in Lithuania at present. They are territories where economic and legal opportunities provided by legal norms are particularly favorable for operation of economic subjects. To enterprises registered in a territory of a free economic zone and their employees, various tax advantages are applied; they are provided consulting services etc. In addition to free economic zones, science and technology valleys where business potential is concentrated as well operate in Lithuania.