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Rights and immigration opportunities for EU citizens and their family members

Rights and immigration opportunities for EU citizens and their family members

All citizens of the European Union (EU) can enjoy not only national rights, but also EU rights. The following are the main rights of EU citizens: a right of free movement, settlement, employment, studying or even retirement in any EU country, as well as a right of consular protection provided by other EU Member States.

To become an EU citizen is mostly tempted by a right of free movement which provides an opportunity to freely move and reside in the EU without any obstacles. The concept of EU right of free movement shall also embrace a free movement of employees. EU citizens shall be entitled to:
- search for job in another EU country,
- work therein without a work permit,
- reside therein regarding work,
- remain therein even if no longer employed,
- be treated in the same way as citizens of that country when seeking for job, have the same working conditions, and all other social and tax benefits.

EU rights provide its citizens with an opportunity to use healthcare services within the EU. Moreover, they ensure a common consular protection to its citizens around the world. When travelling in a non-EU country, where there is no diplomatic mission of a country of EU citizen, one can seek for help and protection in any other Embassy or Consulate of EU country.

EU citizens can bring their family members to the Republic of Lithuania and stay here with them for up to 3 months counting from the first day of arrival in the Republic of Lithuania. In order to stay longer, an EU citizen should apply for an EU citizen’s certificate, whereas family members of an EU citizen who have submitted documents evidencing this fact should apply for the issue of EU family member’s residence card.

The EU guarantees to citizens of its Member States a right of free movement, right of work, and ensures that every citizen of another EU country should receive all social guarantees and rights as citizens of that country. Family members of EU citizens who hold an EU family member’s residence card issued in another Member State can travel within the EU without visas and enjoy the same rights as EU citizens.