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Studies in Lithuania

Studies in Lithuania

In Lithuania, the opportunities for studies and acquisition of higher education are provided both for citizens of Lithuania and aliens. It should be noted that a diploma of higher education issued in Lithuania is recognized in other European Union Member States, so one should not be afraid that such a diploma will be recognized within the territory of Lithuania only.

Special study programme for students from foreign states are offered both by universities and colleges.  Studies in Lithuania may consist of several cycles: the first-cycle studies are bachelor’s studies, the second-cycle studies are master’s studies and the third-cycle studies are doctor’s studies. Lithuanian universities and colleges offer over one hundred of different study programmes for foreigners – from the humanities and social sciences to medicine and technologies.

Admission of a foreigner to studies at Lithuanian higher schools consists of several phases. If a person has acquired a certain education abroad, his (her) qualification should be assessed and recognized in Lithuania. Second, the person shall submit an application for studies at the chosen university or college. Third, the person should take into account the language of teaching at the university or the college. If the study programme is taught in Lithuanian, the person should pass a credit test in Lithuanian. If the chosen study programme is taught in English or another language, the certificate confirming the certain language skills shall be provided. Fourth, some universities and colleges arrange enrolling tests. Fifth, execution of the study documents follows, i.e. an agreement on studies is concluded with the university or the college.  

It is important to note that citizens of other states shall obtain a visa for coming to Lithuania for studies (except of citizens of states for that visa free regimen is set). Persons from foreign states (except of citizens of states for that visa free regimen is set) shall apply to a diplomatic mission or a consular institution of Lithuania for issue a Schengen visa (this visa provides a right of short-time staying in Lithuania and Schengen zone, i.e. up to 90 days) or the national visa (it provides a right of staying in Lithuania for a period exceeding 90 days; in addition, the alien can leave Lithuania and come back for many times without limitations. This visa may be issued for a period that does not exceed 1 year). It is notable that if studies in Lithuania last for over one year, the period of validity of the national visa will not be sufficient for the citizen of a foreign state, i.e. he (she) should apply for a Temporary Residence Permit on the base of the studies in Lithuania. A Temporary Residence Permit shall provide the alien a right to reside lawfully in Lithuania within the period specified in the Permit, to choose a place of residence, to leave Lithuania and come back. A Temporary Residence Permit shall be issued for a period of 1 year. After the expiry of the said period, the Temporary Residence Permit may be renewed.  If an alien wishes to be issued a Temporary Residence Permit, he (she) shall submit a completed application of the approved form, a valid travel document, a photo, a mediatory letter issued by the educational institution, the documents on sufficient means of subsistence and the dwelling, the certificate on absence of convictions, the documents on health insurance, the list of lawful trips to foreign state and staying in them, and the document confirming his (her) lawful staying in Lithuania.