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The immigration programme INVESTMENT I

The immigration programme INVESTMENT I

The immigration programme INVESTMENT I relates to immigration of business representatives to Lithuania.

The conditions of the immigration programme INVESTMENT I include:

1. An alien should be a participant, a head, a member of a collegial governing or supervisory body, a shareholder of a Lithuanian enterprise owning shares of such an enterprise with the par value equal to at least 1/3 of the Authorized Capital of the enterprise.;
2. The value of the net assets of the Lithuanian enterprise should be no less than 28’000 EUR where the funds or other assets invested by the alien amount to at least 14’000 EUR.;
3. In Lithuanian company full-time work Lithuanian, other European Union Member State or European Free Trade Association Member States citizens or aliens permanently residing in Lithuania, whose monthly wage (of all staff) - no less than 2 average monthly wages in Lithuania.;
4. the Lithuanian enterprise for at least last 6 months before application of the alien for issue a Temporary Residence Permit should be involved in the activities specified in its constituent documents.

The immigration programme INVESTMENT I includes: legal consulting, support in obtaining a Residence Permit from the beginning to the end of the process, preparation of the required documents, preparation of inquiries, arrangement of translation and notarization of documents, presentation of the alien at institutions of Lithuania, accompanying of the alien on submission of the documents to the Migration Service as well as at other state institutions and private structures, other legal services.


The terms:

Establishment of an enterprise -about 15 workdays.

Acquisition of an enterprise - about 15 workdays.

Search for business and its acquisition – the terms may differ from case to case.

Preparation of documents for issue a Residence Permit – up to 5-10 workdays.

Making a decision by the Migration Department on issue a Residence Permit – up to 2-4 months.