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Business immigrations

Business immigrations

Business immigration is one of the bases for immigration to Lithuania.

Latterly, regulation of business immigration is dynamic. A particular attention is paid to real business running, involvement in business running and enterprise ostensibility control.

In case of business immigration, principal requirements are related to the size of the net worth of the enterprise, the composition of the staff, the sizes of their salaries, the working time and execution of the activities.

According to legal norms of Republic of Lithuania, an alien may apply for issue a Residence Permit in Lithuania on the base of running a business in Lithuania and an intention to continue the same, if the following requirements are satisfied:

1. An alien is a head or a shareholder of a Lithuanian enterprise and the par value of shares of the enterprise owned by the alien forms at least 1/3 of the shares of the enterprise;
2. The equity of the enterprise is no less than 28’000 EUR, including 14’000 EUR invested by the alien;
3. At the Lithuanian enterprise, citizens of Lithuania, another European Union Member State or a Member State of the European Free Trade Association or aliens permanently residing in Lithuania are employed on full-time basis and their monthly salaries (of all of them) are no less that 2 average monthly salaries in Lithuania;
4. The Lithuanian enterprise is engaged in its activities for at least 6 last months prior to the application for issue a Residence Permit in Lithuania.

If the above-listed requirements are satisfied, the person may apply for issue a Temporary Residence Permit in Lithuania. A Temporary Residence Permit in Lithuania may be issued for 2 years. Simultaneously, members of the family of the alien may apply for issue a Temporary Residence Permit in Lithuania as well.