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Issuance of Lithuanian Passport to a Child Born Abroad

Issuance of Lithuanian Passport to a Child Born Abroad

In accordance with the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania which are currently in force, a child is eligible for being Lithuanian citizen and citizen of another state at the same time, provided he or she acquired Lithuanian citizenship by birth (at birth of a child, both his or her parents or one of them were citizens of the Republic of Lithuania), and acquired citizenship of another state by birth or acquired it not by birth until he or she reached 18 years of age.

One of parents of a child must apply for issuance of passport of a child to a division of the Migration Department in Lithuania or to the Embassy of Lithuania abroad. Before that, the child’s birth must be included into records of Lithuania.

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The key documents when applying for issuance of the Lithuanian passport are the following:

  1. Child’s passport;
  2. Passports of the parents;
  3. Child’s birth certificate;
  4. Certificate or other document regarding acquisition of foreign citizenship issued by the foreign state authority.


For issuance of a passport of the Republic of Lithuania, you can apply to the Vilnius Branch of the Migration Department, address: Vytenio St. 18, Vilnius, phone for consultations: +370 707 67 000, e-mail: info@migracija.gov.lt, or to the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania.